Advanced Technique to Attract Wealth

To attract wealth into our lives is not hard if you know the proper way. If you follow my outline below, I am sure you can attract wealth and money easily as it should be. Read more »

Benefits of keeping a Gratitude Journal

Did you know that by keeping a gratitude journal and update it on daily basis or weekly basis can change your life? Keeping a simple gratitude journal will help you to stay focus on the habit of expressing gratitude. Read more »

Law Of Attraction Tips – How to use The Laws Of Attraction correctly

Most people got excited when they started to know and learn about the law of attraction. This is perhaps because the teaching in the laws of attraction tells us that we can attract anything we want into our lives easily. We take that as the turning point in life and started to dream about the life we always wanted. Then after few weeks, few months, half a year, nothing happened. Your life has not changed. You started to wonder, what is going on? You feel frustrated, sad, angry and put blames on yourself and everyone else and eventually quit. You said this is bullshit. Read more »

How To Be Happy – 5 ways to Live Life To The Fullest

Do you want to know how to be happy? To be happy does not mean you must have a lot of money, own a new house, a new car, move location or go for holidays. We have seen rich people with miserable life. We have seen people with luxurious way of life but remain unhappy. Why are they not happy when they can have everything the world can offer them? Read more »

Meditation Techniques / Relaxation Techniques for beginners

When you are new to meditation, you will face challenges such as failure to stay focus for more than 5 minutes or to sit comfortably for more than 2 minutes. I know and I have been there before but trust me, meditation techniques / relaxation techniques are not as difficult as you may think. Read more »

How Ego affects your life in relation to The Law Of Attraction?

Did you know that your life is shaped by your ego? What happens to you now and who you are now is directly influenced by your ego. It is best described as what you think is true about yourself and everything around you. The law of attraction says that we manifest what we believe, so obviously it can help and destroy us at the same time depending on our core beliefs. Let me explain more. Read more »

What is a Vision Board and why you need it?

A vision board works in harmony with the law of attraction. It is a tool that used to help clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on a specific goal of life. Literally, it is a kind of board on which you show images that represent whatever you want to have or to be in the future. Your computer screen and mobile devices can be your vision board too. It illustrates your future lifestyle. Read more »

How to make The Law Of Attraction works for you with EFT Tapping?

If you are studying the law of attraction for years and you are not getting the results you wanted, there is only one answer to this. You failed to attract abundance and plenty into your life for one simple reason, you are blocked by your own limiting beliefs. These beliefs are hidden deep in your subconscious mind for years that you yourself are not aware of them. These beliefs can be inherited from anyone including your parents, relatives or friends. For as long as these negative beliefs are intact in your subconscious level, you will keep getting the same results. Read more »